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Georgianna Lincoln

Photo of Georgianna Lincoln
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Georgianna Lincoln was born in Rampart, Alaska, and moved to Fairbanks as a young woman. She worked to secure Alaska Native land claims in the ‘70s, developed health and education programs in her region in the ‘80s, and shaped Alaska public policy in the Alaska State Senate in the ‘90s. In 2010, she leads Doyon Corporation and its subsidiaries as the Chairman of the Board, a board on which she has served for 33 years.

Senator Lincoln is Athabaskan and served in the Alaska legislature for 14 years. She is the first, and as of this writing, the only Native woman who has been elected to the Alaska State Senate, where she championed issues of women and children as well as natural resource management. In 1996, she was the first Native woman to be a candidate for the US Congress from Alaska, and she has served as a mentor for women across the state within and outside of the Native community. Georgianna also worked as the Executive Director of the Fairbanks Native Association and as a Director at Tanana Chiefs Conference. She believes that her most significant achievement has been to raise two self-actualized children, who are nurturing her eight curious and joyful grandchildren in Alaska.

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