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Changunak Antisarlook Andrewuk

Photo of Changunak Antisarlook Andrewuk
Sinrock Mary 18701948
Categories: 2009 Alumnae, Business, Reindeer Herding, Translator


Changunak Antisarlook Andrewuk, known as Sinrock Mary, Queen of Reindeer, was Russian and Inupiaq and spoke Russian, English and her Native language. After her first husband succumbed to the measles epidemic in 1900, she was disqualified from owning property both as a woman and Native, but she fought to keep her half of the reindeer herd and eventually became one of the richest women in Alaska. A savvy businesswoman, she sold meat to local businesses and the Army station. Her second husband wasnt interested in herding, but Mary trained some of her children and many other Inupiaq to become reindeer herders. She is remembered as a hero for her tenacity, generosity and friendship.